If someone giving a get has the English name “Philip”, how is this written in the get? Traditionally there is no usage in Hebrew (biblical or rabbinic) of a “peh” at the end of a word (I’m sure modern Hebrew has taken words from outside that end with a “peh” sound and spell them in Hebrew with a “peh” at the end — not sure if they do it with a regular peh or peh sofit…) However what is done l’maseh and is there any precedence of this in biblical or rabbinical Hebrew?


The Tiv Gittin (Letter Yud, no. 18) writes that names that finish with a letter peh pronounced “p” rather than “f” should be written with a peh kefufah (פ) and not a peh peshutah (ף) to ensure that the reading is right.

Although Rav Yechezkel Avramsky (Sefer Zichron Le-Avi Ezri p. 286) mentions that he saw a Get with the name Philip written with a peh peshutah and a dagesh inside it, it seems that writing it with a peh kefufah is more correct.

This is also the ruling given in Bikkurei Asher p. 295.

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