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Used Meat Lid for Dairy Pot

A kashrus dillemma.

I was cooking pasta in a milchig pot (stainless steel), the water boiled. The pot had been used the previous day to make a cheese sauce.

I was sifting the boiling water from the milchig pot, using a pot lid. I used by mistake a fleisig pot lid (glass with a metal surround). The fleishig lid hadn’t been used for more than a day.

After holding the lid on the milchig pot for maybe around 30 seconds, I placed the pasta in milchig glazed bowls.

What is the status of all these utensils now? The glazed bowls, the fleisig lid, and the milchig saucepan?

I thank you for your help.




The dairy pot is fine, and requires no kashering. The bowls are also fine.

The meaty lid, however, should be kashered on a lechatchilah level by means of hag’alah.

Best wishes.


See Rema, Yoreh De’ah 94:5; Taz 6 (and 95:6); Shach 18. Many dispute the stringent custom noted by the Rema, which is why kashering the lid is only on a lechatchilah level.


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