What is the correct beracha for quinoa?


Quinoa is a grain crop (related in a certain sense to spinach and beetroot) that is not one of the “five grains” that have special importance.

As a non-fruit growing from the ground, its beracha is ha’adama.

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6 Responses to “What is the Bracha for Quinoa”

  1. what is the bracha for different sizes mataza balls
    what is the bracha for two slices pizza
    what is the bracha for potato kugel with no visible potato pieces

    • 1. I don’t see why the bracha for differant size s should be differant
      2. In the opinion of many Rabbi’s pizza nowadays is considered by most people to be mael food and not snack food, therefor the brachas on pizza, even less than two slices is hamotzei.
      3. Although the potatoes are no longer visible, the poskim still say to make hoadomo on it as it still as the dexture of potatoes.

  2. If the brocha for Quinoa is an Ha’adama because it’s not one of the 5 grains, then why is rice a mezonos?

    • answered separately,see site

  3. And for that matter why is Banana Ha’adamah if fruits are Ha’etz?

    • It is because one of the conditions for the bracha to be ha’etz is that the tree last for a number of years. A banana “tree” although it looks tall and strong is only thick leaves wrapped around each other and in the summer they all shrivel up, including the stem.

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