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Polygamy in Judaism

To any rabbis

I want to ask some questions.

1)Do all sect of Jews follow the same Torah?

2)Is there different versions of the Torah?

3)Do Judaism allow polygamy?

4)Do Jews believe Jesus died on the cross?

Anyways that is all the questions I would to ask. If I asked the same just in case, my apologies.

Last thing. In question 3, I would like to know if Judaism allows a man to have more then one wive or only one wife. in other words, Does Judaism allow polygamy or forbids it.

Yours sincerely



1. All Jews follow the same Torah – the Torah given to Moshe at Sinai. Beyond the Written Law – the Pentateuch – the Oral law is also standard for all observant (Orthodox) Jews.

2. No.

3. On a biblical level, polygamy is permitted. However, rabbinic Judaism does not permit polygamy. This is not a Talmudic enactment, but was rather enacted later, a little more than 1,000 years ago. Although the enactment was initially accepted specifically for Ashkenazi Jewry (European), today it has become virtually universal practice.

4. This is a historical matter, and does not really bear on “Judaism” as a religion. Most Jews will agree with the historical fact as stated.

Best wishes.

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