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Water for Mishloach Manot

Can one use Perrier water for Shaloch Manos with one other item?


This is an interesting question.

Based on the Gemara (7b), all authorities agree that one can give drink for mishloach manos (Terumas Hadeshen 111; Ran, Megillah 3b; Peri Chadash 695:4; Magen Avraham 11, and others).

It is possible that water was not generally considered a “drink” in the sense of being part of a meal, and was therefore considered unsuitable for mishloach manos. Moreover, water was possible not worth anything in the past (especially where it was widely available), and had no importance (see Nimukei Yosef Megilah 7) to render it suitable as mishnoach manos.

However, today mineral water is certain “part of a meal,” and it is worth money and carries a degree of “importance.” It therefore seems that one can given water for mishloach manos (see Divrei Malkiel 1:67; see also Nezer Ha-Torah, Sivan 5767, p. 308, where this is left as a matter of doubt).

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  1. The Gaon of Vilna maintained [based on the Psak of some Rishonim, and the Girsa of the Rabeinu Chananel in the Gemara Megilah 7b] that beverages are not sufficient. According to his opinion, only foods can be sent.

    In the sefer Yevakshu MiPihu, they bring from the Gaon Rav Elyashiv zatzal that one is NOT yotzeh the Mitzvah with water, soda water or mineral water.

    Rabbi Shmuel Felder said that he personally asked Rav Elyashiv zatzal about this matter, and Rav Elyashiv answered that water and seltzer is not a choshuve mashke and should not be used L’cchatchila for Mishloach manos. The presents should not be below the kavod of the recipient; a bottle of water is obviously not a dvar choshuv for an adult.

  2. The drink should be a daver chashuv (Teshuvos V’hanhugos 3:236:3). One may send a lightly flavored drink (Halichos V’hanhugos (Purim) page 26). However, some say one may not send seltzer (ibid).

  3. Kovetz Halachot 17:9 says that water or seltzer would not count.

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