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Going to Mixed Gym

Can a women attend a mixed gym and wear non-fitted pants while working out there?


In principle this is permitted, in particular for an area where men in the gym are not generally Jewish (an area where the majority of inhabitants  or of gym attendees are not Jewish). The concern of improper thoughts etc. for men does not apply to non-Jews (see Rivevos Efraim Vol. 5, no. 491).

At the same time it remains proper to dress modestly (as far as possible), and to avoid the male-female interaction that can lead to a certain lowering in standard of tznius.

This depends on specific circumstances, but in general it is certainly preferably to find an all-women gym where this is possible.

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  1. What about a male worker in a female gym. Can she reveal skin?

    1. no, she must remain covered in front of men.

    1. If the collage gym has women there working out, and they are not dressed properly, then he should not go. Besides, even if they would be technically covered, when they exercise he will be seeing them in positions that will cause him to have immodest thoughts.

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