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Yahrzeit in Adar on Leap Year

Kindly advise what the halacha is if one (mistakenly?) said kadesh for a grandparent who passed away on adar aleph, during this adar aleph, does one have to say kadish in adar beit again? Thank you.


If a parent passed away in Adar Aleph of a leap year, the appropriate time for saying kaddish is Adar Aleph.

If he passed away on Adar of a regular year, then according to the Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chaim 568:7) kaddish is recited on the second Adar of a leap year. However, the Rema adds that “some state that he should fast in the first [Adar], unless the demise was in the second Adar of a leap year, in which case one fasts in Adar Sheini. The custom is to fast in the first Adar. However, some are stringent and fast in both months” (see also Yoreh De’ah 402:2). 

The Mishnah Berurah (42) confirms that it is proper to fast and to say kaddish in both months.

Therefore, for somebody Ashkenazi it is fine and proper to say kaddish in the first Adar month, but you should also say kaddish in the second Adar.

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  1. Toda rabah-does the same apply to davening from the amud for a grandparent in adar beis if no one else has a chiyuv ?

  2. My husband says kadish for his father on Purim.
    This is on a regular year and a leap year. He has done
    this for 43 years. there seem to be people trying to
    insist that the yahrzeit be on aleph adar in a leap year. My husband says on shene adar and won’t change.

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