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Minyan Arrived after Shemoneh Esrei



Reuven Simons

From shaila in Teves 5773 re: chazaras ha shatz after davening with only 9 – (and a 10th shows up later) –
“Yes, it is fine to recite the loud repetition even when 10 people were not present at the initial davening. The repetition is not contingent on there having been 10 people davening there initially, and is considered a separate part of the service.

This is explicitly ruled by the Mishnah Berurah (I have to find where again).

Best wishes.”


See Biur Halachah, Siman 69, s.v. Omer.

Although he leans towards saying that one should say Chazaras Ha-Shatz, he concludes that the matter remains unresolved.

Best wishes again.

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  1. The poskim rule one must have a Minyan present during the silent Shemoneh Esrei in order to be able to recite Chazaras Hashatz. [Rav Poalim 2/26; Ben Ish Chaiy Teruma 16; See Minchas Elazar 2/76; Har Tzevi 1/52; Tzitz Eliezer 14/6] This ruling applies specifically according to the Radbaz 1/241, brought in M”A 69/4, that if everyone Davened Beyechidus, they can no longer have Kaddish and Kedusha recited, and hence those who are machmir for the opinion of the Radbaz must be stringent.

    Nevertheless, one who desires to be lenient has on whom to rely: Kaf Hachaim 69/1; Shnos Chaim 6/14 in name of Kesher Gudal 18 [did not find in Kesher Gudal]; Minchas Yitzchak 10/107; Peri Hasadeh 2/97; Imrei Yosher 2/9; Maharshag 1/9; Piskeiy Teshuvos 69/1;

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