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How Much to Drink on Purim

What is the minimum amount of
(a) 5% wine
(b) 12% wine
that must be consumed on Purim to fulfill the obligation?


There is not set amount that fulfills the obligation, and it depends on each person’s individual tendencies.

Please see our article about drinking on Purim for more details. The obligation of reaching a certain state of mind is subjective, so that an objective amount cannot be given.

Best wishes.

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  1. Thank you. We have for Yom Tov a Klal; ‘Ein Simcha Ela BeBasar VeYayin’. It would seem then, that for some individuals who are happy with their lot in life that a small piece of meat, a Kezayit, etc…, would fulfill the obligation and allow that person to reach a ‘state of Simcha’; whereas for others, an entire roast (as an example) would barely ‘make the cut’ (excuse the pun).

    1. Yes, but some people actually dislike meat – whether they “learned” to dislike it, or they were born that way. For them, even a small piece of meat does not bring simcha, but the opposite (I have a close family member who simple can’t touch meat).

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