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Delivering Chametz on Pesach


I am working for a company where my job is to deliver groceries that I purchase from the supermarket using the company’s credit card. Some of these groceries are not kosher and may include non-kosher wine and possibly basar b’cholov items. I received an halachic permission in the past allowing me to deliver these goods (paraphrasing the responsa: “wine is ‘stam yayno’ these days, regarding basar b’cholov items I am considered a ‘poyel’/worker and not making the purchase with any particular desire for the item itself [even though it’s assur b’hana; this kulah is apparently from R’ Moshe..]…When it comes for buying non-kosher products for a Jew, there is no lifnei iver issue because the Jew would have purchased the same item through some other means/person…”).

My question for the Rav is regarding Pesach; can I deliver food (based on the aforementioned business arrangement) when it may include the purchase & delivery of chametz-based products, some of which may be chametz gamur? I tried to reach the posek who gave me the original halachic permission for making the previously referred to purchases during the rest of the year with this, but he is currently not taking shaylos..

Thank you very much for helping me with this question, have a chag sameach v’kusher.


It is not permitted to deliver chametz goods on Pesach.

Without relating to the pesak you already received, when it comes to chametz on Pesach there is a special problem of your working with the chametz, because the chametz enters your “possession” in the sense that you are responsible for it.

You should inform the employer that you will not be able to deliver chametz goods over Passover.

Best wishes.



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