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Dissatisfied with Shaitel

My wife bought a shaitel from a shaitel macher and is not happy with how it has turned out. She feels the hair is unmanageable (she has bought from this woman before and was satisfied).

The shaitel macher feels that she tried to fix it and has now given up. She feels my wife is “unreasonable” (even though she has sold to her before.) She refuses to try to adjust the hair or to refund my wife’s money.


This is a difficult case to judge, because the question of hair being “manageable” is subjective, and it is hard to give a concrete yardstick for what is acceptable and what isn’t. Although it is possible to raise a claim that your wife expected the same standard as she was used to, it remains unlikely that your wife will be able to demand a refund.

I would recommend appaoching the shaitel macher and, after explaining the situation, asking her to give you another shaitel for a discounted price.

Best wishes and good luck.


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