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Steam for Meat and Dairy

Shalom Ubracha!

I just saw the following on a forum and I was surprised:

אני מדבר על אדים הבשריים שהסיר פולט והקומקום מקבל, לכאורה הקומקום נהפך לבשרי.

The topic they are speaking on the forum is about pouring boiling water from a cumcum (electric kettle) to an empty pot. Is it true that the steam from the pot can turn the cumcum to fleishig or milchig? Thank you very much for helping me and chag sameach!


No, steam, in this sense, is not generally sufficient to make a difference for kashrus purposes.

We have discussed the matter of a “connection” by means of a flow of water in a number of responses; please see here.

Steam can be meaty or dairy, if it is steam of a meaty or dairy dish.

However, if it is just water on an empty pot, the steam itself will not be more than a nat-bar-nat, if that.

Best wishes.

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