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Haircut for Women in Sefira

I would like to know whether I can halachically get a haircut during sefiras haomer (it is now Pesach).

I am about to move cities and meet many new people. I am a woman and my hair is longer than I am comfortable with for reasons of tznius and the culture of the chevra I would like to be a part of.

Does it make a difference if I would just like it to be cut “in a straight line”, to shorten it, and NOT to have it styled?

Thank you so much in advance.


Under the circumstances (you have a concrete need to take a haircut in this period) it is permitted to take a haircut.

Best wishes.


The Iggros Moshe (Yoreh De’ah 2:137; see also Yagel Yaakov p. 253, Mekadesh Yisrael 60) writes in principle that it is permitted for women to take a haircut during the Sefira. The reason for this is that even with regard to actual avelus many authorities are lenient concerning a haircut for women.

Although he concludes that it is better to avoid doing so, where there is a concrete need due to the particular circumstances, it is permitted to do so.

There is no need, under the circumstances, to avoid styling, and there is certainly no need for the hair to have an un-styled appearance; however, it is correct to avoid special styling in the Omer period.

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