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Cosmetics after Pesach


I inadvertantly left cosmetics in my closet over Pesach. i.e. they did not go into the box marked “chometz, sold to goy”. They were not used over Pesach nor were they seen over Pesach as the cosmetic bag was loosely closed and therefore nothing inside could be seen. Inside were hand cream and cosmetics such as blush, pencils, and lipstick. May I continue to use them now after Pesach?


There is no problem in continuing to use the cosmetics after Pesach.

Those who sell cosmetics do so as a stringency. According to the basic halachah there is no need to sell such items, and they can actually be used over Pesach, as we have explained in a recent artice on the subject (here).

Certainly, after Pesach there is no problem in using them.

Best wishes.

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