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Hair Dye Before Mikva

Hi! I am wondering if it is permitted to do eyelash tinting or to dye ones hair before one goes to the mikvah? Is this considered make-up? Thank you!


Hair dye, which is semi-permanent and not made to remove daily, does not constitute a chatzitzah, and it is permitted to dye hair before the Mikva.

One must ensure that the hair is entirely clean and there is no tangible dye on the hair. In addition, the hair dye should be “complete” at the time of the tevillah.

The same will be true of similar eyelash tinting.

Best wishes.


See Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh De’ah 198:16; if something tangible remains on part of the hair there is a dispute among authorities (see Bigdei Yesha 23; Chochmas Adam 119:3; Shut Penei Aryeh 6; Taharas Yisrael 54). In general for modern colors the chance of something tangible remaining is slight, and there is therefore no concern of chatzizah.

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