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Why did not God provent his believer from being raped?


I read a story about a woman named Kayla Mueller, who was an American humanitarian aid worker, captured by ISIS and forced to be a sex slave to the ISIS leader for about one and a half year. She was dead in a bomb explosion finally. She believed in God very faithfully. I don’t understand why God let such horrible suffering happened to her.  When I read Bible, in Psalms, King David said God is faithful, and God will protect and save his followers. But Kayla was sexually tortured and hurt for such a long time. God did not protect her.
So my first question is : why God let such cruel things happen to his believers? Did he promise to protect his followers?
And, second one : I read about some Rabbi’s answers on suffering, saying we should find the positive side. How can we see a positive side from being a sex slave?Thanks.


Your question is an excellent one and many are bothered by this. There are many answers, some of which I myself am not aware of. But I think a satisfactory answer is that sometimes G-D wants to assist a righteous person inherit Paradise.Since people have sins that need to be atoned for, G-D causes the righteous person to suffer in this world so that when he dies he goes straight to a better place.



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