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Aveilus and Yahrzeit in Leap Year

For a death that occured this year on 21 Teves 5774 (24 December 2013) and with the Levaya on 22 Teves

1/ is Mincha on Friday 21 Cheshvan 5775 (14 November 2014) the last Kaddish taking into account the leap year
2/ is the year of Aveilus over on Shabbes 21 Kislev 5775 (13 December 2014) again taking into account the leap year
3/ the first Yahrzeit is on 22 Teves 5775 (the day of the Levaya on the previous year) with subsequent Yahrzeits on 21 Teves?

Can you please confirm that all above is correct?
Thank you


1. This is correct. The last Kaddish is said after eleven months, which works out to the 21st of Cheshvan.

2. This is also correct. The Aveilus period last 12 months even in a leap year.

3. The general custom is to note the Yahrzeit on the day of death and not on the day of burial. Some have the custom that if the burial is two days after the day of passing, the Yahrzeit is practiced on the date of burial. However, in your case the burial was only one day later, so that the Yahrzeit is practiced on the day of passing (21st).

Best wishes.

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