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Buying Clothes in Nine Days

I have a follow up question regarding “Buying Jewelry in Three Weeks” (Question #28410):
1. Can one buy new clothing during the “9 days” under the same circumstances?
2. What makes clothing “important”? (i.e. how do I know if I should make a shehechiyanu on the new clothing?)
Thank you so much!


One should not buy new clothes in the Nine Days. If there is a need one can buy underwear and the like, but not clothing such as shirts and the like.

However, for a mitzvah, such as a wedding right after the Nine Days, it is permitted (see Iggros Moshe, Orach Chaim 3:80).

2. Clothing is “important” for purposes of a Shehecheyanu blessing if a new item gives you a feeling of joy, and it has basic importance. This can be subjective. Most will feel joy at buying a new dress, and Sheheyanu is therefore made; only some will feel this for a new blouse, and this will be more subjective.

Best wishes.

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