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Dear Rabbi:
When a Jew has had to deal with a devastating blow within one’s life .. which shakes their Jewish Faith & Belief; and becomes a Non-practicing Jew,

• sometimes, .. even the strongest .. of Jew may
• .. momentarily .. question the validity of the Holy Scriptures
 purely based on what Senior Rabbis or leaders may have taught them
 ..during their infant-childhood to adulthood.

Although the Congregation/Assembly may be supplied with the Written Word – Torah/Tanach
• How would a regular member of the congregation / assembly
• who has Not attended a Jewish University for Rabbinical studies
• .. to learn the Oral Word .. via the Talmud
o (or other commentaries)
• .. can be assured, confident .. that their Rabbi is .. Not teaching
• .. as truth ..something that may be … a set-up as …
• .. manipulation.. exploit, ..twist or misinterpreting.. the scriptures.

If decades of … “self-righteousness” was taught to innocent & well-meaning Jews,
o .. as the groundwork & foundational basis
 .. of one’s whole, entire life,
o albeit, … in the Name of G-d
o .. plus, the member supported the ministry
 … through donations, time, talents, & their treasures …

… why would G-d allow
o that type of indoctrination .. to happen to sincere people,
o when the whole idea of going to an .. assembly, congregation, & numerous bible studies
o .. was to faithfully learn from Senior Rabbi and staff ministers.

o FIRST, On the Spiritual Side of Life: Book of Genesis … – Abraham is the Father of the Jew .. (& his successors .. Isaac & Jacob .. played a part in continuing the spiritual aspect of the Covenant between Abraham and G-d ..via .. circumcision, .. where there were no laws .. except grace & mercy, and G-d communicating directly with them, etc. Later, Joseph became the “bridge” that led to …

o SECOND, .. the Natural, Practical Side: Book of Exodus – Deut … – It would seem that the Laws of Moses .. was established to set up the Jewish culture, customs, & traditions, morals, laws of the land, kosher, & priestly duties.

Could this be … why there are soooo many former members who are wandering in the 21st Century wilderness
• ..possibly, due to decades of false (or incomplete) teachings which could appear cultish-like. I’ve met several.
• ..when the member had put their trust in a ..representative of G-d guide & lead the way?


The main problem I think why many Jews are non-practicing is that modern values of absolute freedom, including cultural freedom, freedom of religion, and freedom to do as one pleases, run generally contrary to Jewish values of obedience to a Higher Authority.

This connection to Higher Authority is in fact the greatest form of freedom, for it allows a person to transcend the worldly chains that tie us to our mundane existence, and to be a part of something far greater and loftier.

When a person experiences a trauma, this is of course a trying period of time, and we are all human beings susceptible to failing in difficult circumstances. Yet, God gives us the strength to cope with the challenges of life. In the end, for those who search the truth the way back is always open.

Good luck and best wishes.

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  1. Dear Rabbi,

    As a supplement to the initial question:

    Possibly, the reason why there are soooo many Non-Practicing Jews,
    …could it be that they are “yearning” for something more “deeper”
    …than the Law of Moses
    …although .. it was established to set up the Jewish culture,
    …customs, & traditions, morals, civil laws of the land, kosher, & priestly duties, ceremonial laws
    Also, the Non-Practicing Jews may .. desire … to have an experience like (Father) Abraham had with G-d
    ..a personal and special intimate relationship with Hashem .. communing, etc…
    ..Genesis 18 .. esp verses :1-2, :18-21, 23 -33
    ..Genesis 14:18-20 .. as with Malki-Tzedek, king of Salem & priest of God Most High
    According to …
    ..Priest / Congregation … Lev 4:1-33, Lev 5:5-19, Chp 16:21,
    Num 15:24-31
    ..Aaron / 2 Priest … Lev 10:16-20
    ..King David / Burnt Offering .. 2 Samuel 24
    ..Hezekiah .. 2 Chronicles 32:24-25
    ..Sins of Forefathers .. Lev 26:39-40, Numbers 18:1, Ezra 9:7
    ..After G-ds own heart .. Jeremiah 3:15
    ..God may relent .. Joshua 24:19

    ..With Much Respect & Shalom,

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