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Kiddush Levana after Tisha Be’Av

How can Kiddush Levana be recited Motza’ei Tisha Be’Av if we are still noheg some Aveilus until Chatzot HaYom of the 10th of Av? Isn’t Kiddush Levana supposed to be recited in a state of Simcha, aside from proper/clean Begadim?


Kiddush Levana doesn’t require a state of Simcha, but it does require – according to the custom of waiting until after Tisha Be’Av – that one should not be in a state of mourning.

Although a state of mourning does continue to the tenth of Av, this is a lesser condition that does not conflict with Kiddush Levana.

Note that according to some authorities (such as the Gra) it is correct to do Kiddush Levana inside the Nine Days.

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