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Candle Lighting on Shavuos Night

If a women usually has the Minhag to light candles Erev Yom Tov before Shkiah like Erev Shabbos should she keep this Minhag for Shavuos too seeing as there is a problem with saying Shechiyanu before it is night? Is it better to light later when it is definitely night?


Even for ladies who light candles before it is night on Yom Tov, there are different customs concerning Shehecheyanu – some say at candle lighting and others wait for Kiddush.

Either way, it is fine to light candles at this (early) time even on Shavuos, and to make the Shehecheyanu too, if this is her custom.

Although the concept of “Temimos” is mentioned (by the Magen Avraham and later authorities) with regard to certain practices on Shavuos night, it does not include candle lighting early; in any case we accept Yom Tov before it is night (the idea of Tosefes applies as usual) and while we refrain from making Kiddush or Davening early, this doesn’t apply to candle lighting.

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