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Taking out Sefer Torah to Show Children

I work in a school and right before Simchat Torah the principal likes to unroll the entire Torah in the gym and show the students what the inside of a Torah looks like. This is a Jewish day school, but 95% of the students come from non observant homes.
Is this permitted or no?
Please send sources
Thank you.


Provided that the Sefer Torah is treated with the required respect, reverence and care, I don’t see any prohibition in this practice.

If it helps to draw children closer to the Torah in some way, then it is surely fine.

I don’t know of specific sources that relate to similar practices, but don’t know of why it should be forbidden. Moreover, on Simchas Torah there are many customs of taking out the Torah in ways that are not the norm for the rest of the year, and these are of course customary.

Best wishes.

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