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Milk Spilled on Counter

Is it a problem if hot milk splashes on a meat counter?


This is a problem. Because the counter is meaty, the hot milk will render it treif due to the mixing of meat and milk. This can be a problem for the future if hot food is placed on the counter – in particular if this is done within 24 hours of the spillage.

In order to rectify the problem you should pour boiling water onto the counter, which is effectively a means of Kashering the counter. The boiling water should be poured from a bubbling source (it is best that the kettle should be plugged in). Lechatchilah, the water should be poured onto a hot source on the counter, so that the water remains hot after it falls on the counter.

Befor the Kashering procedure the counter should be washed with soap and water and dried. It is likewise best to wait 24 hrs before Kashering.

Best wishes.


See Sefer HaKashrus Chap. 1

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  1. Thank you very much,

    Do I need to kasher the whole counter, or just the area that came into contact with the milk residue?

    Also, what do you mean by a “hot source” ?

    Also, if the counter was clean, does it make a difference?

    1. Only the area that came into contact with the milk requires kashering.
      A “hot sources” is what Poskim refer to as an “even melubenes,” a “red-hot stone.”
      By pouring the boiling water onto the stone we ensure that the water is not cooled on impact.
      However, make sure your counter won’t be damaged in the process. If this is not possible, simply pour boiling water onto the area.
      Best wishes.

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