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Dairy Cup in Meat Dishwasher

IF a cheres coffee cup was put in a meat dishwisher by mistake and the dishwasher ran with dirty meaty dishes (mainly sauces and tiny residue from the meat meal) can one assumer the milky coffee cup is now trief or can one rely upon the shittas that say the soap is pogem everything (like Rav Yosef Zatzal brings down in his teshuva) in the dishwasher and the cup could still be used for coffee and milk?


Bedieved you can rely on the fact of pegima with soap (this is a bedieved question because the cheres cup cannot be kashered).

Although direct contact with residue will still be a problem, there is no need to assume that such direct contact actually happened. It is also possible that the residue was washed away before the water became hot.

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