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Kashering Kitchen

I’m going to visit my wife’s brother and he doesn’t have a kosher kitchen what would I have to do to kasher the oven and the stove top the oven is self cleaning also the microwave please email me at [email protected].


For the self-cleaning oven you can simply run the self-cleaning cycle on full heat, after ensuring that the oven is completely clean. This is sufficient to kasher the oven. For the microwave you can ensure it is completely clean, and then place a cup of water in the microwave for 10-15 mins at full power. The glass plate that comes into contact with food should be wrapped in film or replaced.

A regular stovetop does not require kashering. Care should be taken that the food in the pot should not spill over to the area between the burners. For a smooth top (glass etc.) the burners should be turned to high for 15 minutes.

Please see also here for more detailed information on using a non-kosher kitchen.

Best wishes.

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