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Tevillah for Coffee Machine

I am of the understanding that an Espresso coffee machine requires tevillah.

People seem to be hesistant to tovel it as the machine is very expensive and could be damaged and therefore result in a monetary loss.

Also they do not want an ‘uman’ to break and fix it as one loses the warranty on the machine. What eitzah can you offer?

Thank you.


Please see here for previous answers concerning similar questions.

If a person is nonetheless afraid to immerse the machine, another option is to give the machine as a gift to a non-Jew, and to borrow it from him. This will exempt you from the obligation of tevillah (see Shut Minchas Yitzchak 9:83, based on Yoreh De’ah 120:8, 11).

If even this cannot be done, there are some authorities who are lenient for using the appliance without tevillah. However, as noted in the previous response, this is not the mainstream opinion and should not be relied on excepting extenuating circumstances (see Shut Siach Nachum no. 49).

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  1. Thank you for your answer . I have been learning the halochas of tevilas keilim . In the shiur with the Rov , we learnt that according to the Taz and the Pri Chadash , if you give the kli to a goy as a gift and you borrow it back from him and he leaves at you permanently to use , its considered like yours and needs tevillah . Please advise

    1. This is true.
      The Taz and others writes that the idea of borrowing the utensil from a non-Jew only helps when this is for the short term, and not for long term use (see Darchei Teshuvah 112). Therefore, the option should only be used where there is no other option available, such as concerning very large utensils that cannot be immersed.
      In the case of electrical appliances, there is also the opinion that they do not require immersion – but as noted this is not an accepted halachic opinion.

  2. is it possible to Kasher a second hand espresso machine?

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