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Obligation to Give Get

A question pertaining to what was raised on “”

When the wife is resistant to accept it, how does one “coerce,” outside of “100 Rabbis” and what are the husband’s obligations to give one once she refuses to take it?

Of course there are reasons both should want to end amicably. But if the wife does not wish to accept the termination of the relationship, to what lengths must a husband go, when they are already legally NOT going to be spouses?


These are matters that are generally decided by the relevant Beis Din, and not by the individual parties.

Beis Din will go to some lengths to coerce the wife into receiving a Get before considering giving a Heter 100 Rabbanim – something that we generally try to avoid. This will include financial sanctions, and in Israel can even include criminal sanctions.

It is the husband’s duty to give the Get, but of course if the wife is unwilling to receive it there is only so much that he can do. The bottom line is that he should follow the instructions of the relevant Beis Din.

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