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Mezuzah for Office

Hello. Is there a חיוב to put a מזוזה in an office in a work place ? If yes do you have to make a ברכה? And lastly , I recently subleased some space to a neighbor who built another office where the entrance to my office use to be . I had to build a new entrance to my office ,however the old entrance with the door post and the door is still existing but not used since I can’t go in to my neighbors office and he can’t come into mine .i do have a מזוזה on the old entrance .am I allowed to take it off and use for new entrance ?(assuming there’s a חיוב מזוזה in an office)
Thank you


There is a chiyuv to affix a Mezuzah to the doorways of a workplace, but a Berachah is not (generally) recited.

See Yoreh De’ah 286:11 and commentaries, where we find a dispute concerning an office that is generally used by day and not by night.

If the old entrance is not in use, meaning that it no longer leads to your office and cannot be used, it is no longer obligated in Mezuzah and you can use the Mezuzah for the new entrance.

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