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Cake Baked in Dairy Pan

Hi Rabbi,

I bake for my business and have been coming across a lot of issues between baking dairy and pareve in the same oven. I have not used the oven for dairy in the past 24 hours and scrubbed my oven before putting in the pareve cake. I got the oven as clean as i could but there are still some black marks. Anyway, I put the pareve pan in the oven. I then without realizing it put more pareve cake batter into a dairy pan and in the same oven. I opened the oven a few minutes later and it was smoking, and it was then i realized that the second pan that was put in was dairy. SO my questions are- 1) is my cake in the pareve pan still pareve? is the pan still pareve? 2) I don’t know where the smoke was coming from, it may have been from me scrubbing with soap before turning it on, bc it had been about a week since i last used my oven for dairy. Sorry its so confusing, but I don’t want to waste any more ingredients or time!!


The cake in the parev pan remains parev, as does the pan.

Actually, even the cake in the dairy pan remains essentially parev, provided that the pan was clean and not used for dairy within the past 24 hours, or alternatively that there was no direct contact between the pan and the cake.

Best wishes.

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