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Recommendation for OT Treatment

I am a special ed teacher in a Bais Yaakov. I have a 5th grade student who has been mandated for Occupational Therapy. Last year the occupational therapist dismissed this student from her caseload because all the areas that she tested, e.g. tracking words etc. were fine. Taking the student out to fill the counseling, OT, and Spec ed caused this student to miss so much class. The teacher said, she’s hardly in class.

This year, I began working with the student and she told me that we have to work out the schedule with the OT. I think it’s detrimental to the student to miss more class to fix her penmanship. Q. Can I bring this to the principal’s attention and the OT will not have her on her caseload.


Certainly. Part of the position you fill is to look out for the good of the student, and you are free to give in recommendations to the principle in matters relevant to the job – whether this is to expand the OT hours, to reduce them, or to entirely cancel the OT treatment.

Best wishes.

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