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Yichud with Brother in Law

Is it permissible for my brother in law to sleep in my house tonight while my husband is out of town? My children are boy- 11.5, girl- 10, girl-7, girl-4.5, baby boy?
Thank you.


Yes, one can be lenient in this matter. The reason is that the children are valid shomrim for this purpose.

Sorry for delay in answering.

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For sources in this matter please see here.

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  1. I adopted girls, raised them and married them off. They now have children. One of them has a nine-year-old boy, an 8-yr-old girl and a three-year-old boy. Can I babysit these “grandchildren” overnight? Or do we need another shomer there?

    1. You can babysit them and this is fine. Please see our article on the matter, and in this case there is far greater room for leniency, since many Poskim rule that adopted children have the halachos of regular children vis-a-vis Yichud.
      Best wishes.

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