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Jewish Marriage Second Time Round

When a couple remarry each other again after divorce (in their fifties) : is the chuppa like for all weddings or are there slight differences? Should the women wear a veil? Does she have to wear a wedding dress or can it be a nice white dress? Do they need to be walked to the chuppah? Do they need cheder yichud afterwards? Should there be a seudat mitzvah afterwards? Thanks a lot!


The details of the chuppah are generally the same as the first time, but you don’t have to follow all the “inyanim” that we usually do. There is no “obligation” to wear a white dress even for a regular Kallah, and you should do whatever suits you and the bride. A Cheder Yichud should be done because it is a halachic part of the wedding, but there is no need to be “walked” down the aisle. A meal should be held, but it doesn’t have to be grand.

The main difference is the matter of the berachos. The Sheva Berachos are recited at the wedding itself (the Chuppah) but not at the meal (this is a matter of dispute, but the custom appears to follow this opinion; see Penei Yitzchak 1, Berachos 107).

Even in the first three days no berachos are recited.

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