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Procession for Bride and Groom

At very frum weddings, the parents accompany the chasan and challah to the chupah. There is no procession of siblings, grandparents, etc. down the aisle. It seems to me that this is the proper way, no pomp. Is there any source in halacha to have a procession of other relatives or was this taken from the goyim? If so, is it important to avoid this practice?


The original Ashkenaz custom is that the Shushvinim should escort the chassan and kallah to the Chupah.

Today, parents serve as the Shushvinim in this sense, and they are the ones who escort the new couple to the Chuppah.

There is no obligation for others to form a procession in escorting the couple, but neither is there any problem in doing so. It might come from non-Jews – I don’t know – but that doesn’t make a difference since it is not a matter of immodesty or idolatry.

If you prefer to avoid the practice, then that’s fine.

Best wishes.

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