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Meat after Years

Honoured Rabbanim

Some water containing detergent was drained from a washing machine drum into an old metal foil dish. I am not sure how hot the water was but it was just after the wash finished, which had been at 40 degrees C. This foil dish had been used several years ago for meat meals and still had some hard-to-remove traces of something ‘meaty’ (e.g gravy) on it. The contents were then poured into the ‘milky’ stainless steel kitchen sink. Are there enough factors here to mean that the sink does NOT need kashering? I would rather avoid the inconvenience of not using the sink for 24 hours and the time spent on the process if it’s not necessary!

Thank you very much.


40 degrees is not considered yad soledes bo (Rav Moshe was stringent from 43 degrees) — so that you don’t have to be stringent about the sink.

This is in addition to the fact that the food is certainly pagum, and probably not be’ein.

Best wishes.


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