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Tevillas Keilim for Made in China

If a Jewish company makes a metal kli in China by goiyim does it need tevila?


Under the circumstances there is no obligation of tevilas keilim.

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See Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh De’ah 120:10; the Chochmas Adam (73:4) suggests that this involves a dispute between the Shuchan Aruch and the Rema, but for today, it appears that the idea of uman koneh bishvach keli does not apply, and there is no obligation of tevillah according to all opinions. See Le’Emunas Itecha 95.

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  1. It seems to me that most cases of “Jewish company makes a metal kli in China by goiyim” will be ones where the Jewish company contracts a Chinese company to make keilim according to the Jewish company’s design, including the Jewish company’s name (and no indication of the Chinese company’s name).

    Would the previous answer apply to these cases too?

    Or would it really only apply to a case of a Jewish company which operates in China and owns the materials and employs the Chinese workers to do specific tasks?

  2. Hey I’m no expert on hilchos tvilas keilim but just from looking at the SA it seems that the above comment is incorrect. If the manufacturing company is indeed owned by non Jews and they previously own all the raw material goin in to making the pots or pans then the din from YD 120:10 does not apply. The material Is owned by NJ’s and the pots only go into Jewish ownership after the vessels are completed. That’s a classic case of a chiyuv d’oroisa for tvilas keilim.

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