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Halloween in Halachah

Shalom Rabbi

I am a Baalat tshuva whose family is secular, Every year my children go trick or treating and even though Halloween is not a Jewish holiday they just don’t want to be different from the rest of the children in our town and they will do everything to get some free pieces of candy, In addition we also give the children trick or treating at our house candy.
My question is- Is there room to be lenient and buy my children Halloween costumes + taking them trick or treating just so they can get some candy and have fun with their non Jewish friends? Halloween of course has no meaning to me but again since my children and the rest of the family are secular I can’t force them to do whatever is correct by Judaism…. Still, I don’t really feel so comfortable with it especially that many of the candies are not kosher at all.

Ill be happy to have an advice

Thank you very much.


The Rema writes: “Those practices done as a [non-Jewish] custom or law for no reason are suspected of being an idolatrous practice, or that there is a taint of idolatrous origins” (Yoreh De’ah 178:1).

The celebrations of Halloween reflect the pagan origins of the day, and therefore the Halloweed practice, by contrast with those of Thanksgiving (for example), should be avoided.

At the same time, today people practice Halloween for the sake of fun and certainly without any idolatry in mind, so that if you see it is hard to refrain from joining it, you don’t have to stop your children and family form participating. However, as noted is best to refrain from it, in view of the origins of the celebrations.

Best wishes and sorry for delay in replying.

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