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St. Mary’s

1.Can you refer to a school saint Mary’s by that name ie in terms of mentioning the avodah zorah or for eg the place Saint Louis
2. I asked the other day . Regarding a cuppachino machine , when you toivel it , do the internal pipes have to be filled with water completely and if not why not?


1. Yes, there is no problem in this. Mary is not the name of Avodah Zarah, and neither is Louis. Moreover, even if they were there would be no prohibition since the use is as a name and not in the context of idolatry – as we find with the Jewish months of the year, some of which (like Tamuz) actually derive from idolatry.

2. The tubes related to the preparation of the coffee (and not only to transporting the water) must become filled with water. There is no need for them to be “completely full,” but only that water should come into contact with all areas.

As noted before, another option is to slightly take apart and reassemble the machine; please see the previous answer and sources for details.

Best wishes.

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