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Meat after Pizza in Oven

If one bakes pizza with cheese in a oven, can they then bake meat in the oven if 24 hours have passed? If no, is it permitted if you wrap the meat item so no steam escapes?


Yes, this is permitted.

An oven doesn’t become “dairy” after pizza (a dry food) is baked in it, with the exception of parts that actually came into contact with the pizza.

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Concerning covered foods, see Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh De’ah 108:1; Ksav Sofer 54; Igros Moshe Yoreh De’ah 3:10; concerning dry foods, see Igros Moshe Yoreh De’ah 1:40 (and 1:59, concerning baking a challah) based on Pischei Teshuvah 92:6.

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  1. If its a dry food like pizza, do you still have to wait 24 hours before using it for meat or you can use it right after the pizza was baked?

    1. You can use the oven right away in principle. Just wait until the oven has cooled from the steam.

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