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Performing Mitzvos for Personal Benefit

It is very common that people sponsor learning, seforim or perform Mitzvos for Siyata Dishmaya. take challah and the like for:shidduchim, business,or refua of people not desperately ill. It seems from the Chochmos Odom that this is only appropriate in the case of the deceased or ill in life threatening situations. Please could you clarify and provide sources for further investigation.


The basic source for this question is the Gemara which states that somebody who gives money to charity for the purpose of his child’s recovery is considered “absolutely righteous.”

However, some sources (such as Shut Ginas Veradim 2:28) write that performing other mitzvos for personal success is improper behavior.

This is a somewhat complex and involved topic, and we will please G-d dedicate an article to this in the near future.

Best wishes.

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