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Usage of Zichrono Livracha

Dear Rabbi,

I’m curious about the usages of zichrono livracha. It is used after the names of the deceased, and I know what it means, but what I’m wondering about is this–for instance, I say it when mentioning the name of my father or mother (both gone 3 years–yes, i know there is a fem. form as well); but would it be normal also to use it when referring to my (also deceased) grandparents, aunts and uncles? And how about folks whom I never knew? Certainly there must be a limit–for instance, I have never heard anyone cite Hillel and then add z”l — that would seem very odd, right? I’m sure it’s minhag and not halacha, but I’m curious about the minhag–thanks!! Jonathan.


There are no laws or even clear “customs” for usage of Zichrono Livracha.

It is generally used for with whom we have some closeness: Family members of course, but also acquaintances, people we knew, rabbis of recent generations, and so on.

Best wishes.

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