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Staying with Non-Observant Family for Pesach



Dear Rabbanim,

We have a question concerning Pesach.

We are thinking of visiting a Jewish family for Pesach. We would like to stay at their home although they are don’t observe all the Pesach rules. This means they don’t eat chametz/leaven and kitniot but they use for example (till today) the same pots as usually.

How does it work to spend Pesach with them (non observant family). What can we do? Is it allowed for us to stay at their home? What do we need to do before visiting them?

Thank you for answering!
Shavua Tov and all the best!


Staying with a non-observant family over Pesach will be complicated.

It is not permitted to eat food that was cooked in year-round pots, and to eat with year-long utensils. Pesach requires its own set of dishes, pots etc.

This will probably be hard to arrange. You can stay with the family, provided that you ensure no chametz remains in the house, and that a sale of chametz is arranged for items that the family wishes to keep (and that these items are stored appropriately) – but you must refrain from eating there.

Best wishes.

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