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Washing Hands After Bathroom and Before Bread

Whats the proper actions for one to do in a circumstance when one uses the bathroom and must wash his hands right before he also wants to wash for bread?

Must he wash his hands twice or one time is enough for both? Thank you.


There are three options for somebody who uses the bathroom, and wishes to eat bread.

1) To wash one’s hands, but not in a manner that is valid for netilas yadayim (for instance, don’t use a vessel, but simply place hands under the faucet). Then sayasher yatzar, and then wash again for bread.

2) To wash hands properly, say al netilas yadayim, and then, after eating some bread, say asher yatzar.

3) To wash hands properly, say al netilas yadayim, and say asher yatzar after saying al netilas yadayimand drying one’s hands, before eating bread. This does not constitute a hesech hada’as, and is advisable if there is a concern that the person will forget to recite the berachah later.

All three options are halachically fine.

Best wishes.


See Mishnah Berurah 165:2; Ben Ish Chai, Shemini 9; Magen Avraham 165:2; Yalkut Yosef 158:26. Note that the ruling given by Shulchan Aruch (165) does not apply for the way in which we usually wash our hands today.

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