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Keriyas Shema based on Equal Hours

I said kiryat shema after the time of the GRA opinion, but finished before the opinion of the chasan sofer, the nekudas hakesef and shevus yaakov. – that is before 3hrs before chatzot. Bedieved, is it a valid opinion the 3hrs before chatzot that I would be considered to have fulfilled the obligation to say shema in the morning d’oraisa Waiting your answer in anticipation.


I understand that you mean the opinion of “sha’os shavos” – “regular hours” as opposed to “sha’os zemanios,” hours that change based on the length of the day from sunrise to sunset.

This opinion has its primary source in the Terumas HaDeshen (121), and several authorities follow the approach.

One cannot rely on this minority opinion even for purposes of rabbinic mitzvos, and the more so for Torah mitzvos such as Kerias Shema.

However, having missed the time of the Gra, this opinion does give a person a chance to fulfill the mitzvah, at least according to some authorities, and it is surely better than missing Kerias Shema altogether.

Best wishes.

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