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Saying Tehillim for Sick

I have a list of people I say tehillim for. When do I stop including someone if I have no way of checking his medical condition i.e. sometimes the newspaper or radio asks people to daven for someone who was hurt in an accident / terrorist attack and I had a long list of soldiers who were wounded in Gaza.
But I have no further contact with them and have no idea how to find out if they still need Tehillim saying for them.
Should I perhaps decide that I will say Tehillim for people I don’t know personally for a limited length of time ( maybe a month)or what is the best thing to do?


This is a common question, and there is no clear answer.

In general I think that your idea is the correct course of action. If you have a request for Tehillim, then take on the new name for a limited time, and continue beyond this only if you receive an update that the condition still requires Rachamei Shamayim.

A month sounds like a reasonable length of time.

Best wishes.

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