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Soul Pleasure

Does your soul feel pleasure when your body feels pleasure? For example when you go into a hot jacuzzi and you get that sense of euphoria and pure relaxation and your body feels such pleasure, does your soul get that feeling of pleasure as well?


We do not know much about the soul and what it “feels.” While the soul is clothed in the body, we feel what the body feels, and cannot really know much about the “condition” of the soul – which is why even things that are morally wrong or forbidden can be “enjoyable” to the body.

The Gemara in one place (Berachos) notes that the soul “enjoys” scent, but this means that enjoyment of scent is less physical and m ore spiritual than taste, and not that the soul – the human spirit – “enjoys” the smell.

It can generally be assumed that the soul does not rejoice in physical pleasures, which are the realm of the body and not the soul.

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