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Water as Bishul Akum

Why is cooking water not subject to bishul akum (especially being that, at least while the water is hot, this is considered to be a significant act of cooking on Shabbos)?
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One of the prominent leniencies concerning Bishul Akum is that the prohibition does not apply to items that are edible in their raw state

Tosafos (Avodah Zarah 31b) thus write (the second interpretation) that beer is not subject to the prohibition because water is the main ingredient of beer, and beer is therefore not subject to the prohibition (since water is eaten “raw”).

This is extended to coffee by Shut Panim Me’irot 2:62; see Pitchei Teshuva, Yoreh De’ah 114:1 and Yechave Da’as 4:42 (who concludes that it is permissible to drink coffee that was made a non-Jew).

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