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Nausea on Taanis Esther

I was wondering how important it is to fast on taanis esther.
I have a lot of nausea on a daily basis, probably because of anxiety, and therefore chew mint gum and drink soda to just barely get through the day.
Is that enough of a reason to be allowed to not fast? I am a girl so I know that makes it a drop more lenient for me, so I was wondering if I still have to fast. Im not sure how I will manage if I cant at least sip soda throughout the day
Thank you in advance for your time.


There is no obligation to fast on Taanis Esther if this will cause you nausea and to feel ill.

Best wishes.


See Rema, Orach Chaim 686, who explains that Taanis Esther is more lenient that other fast days, so that somebody who will feel sick because of the fast does not have to fast.

Best wishes.

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