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Drunk and Miss Davening with Minyan

Is it muttar for one to get drunk on Purim if this will cause him to miss davening maariv with a minyan (due to his drunken state) even though he will still daven maariv on his own?


It is permitted to get drunk even if this will cause a person to miss Maariv with a minyan.

However, this should be avoided where possible.

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See here where we discussed at length the different opinions concerning drinking on Purim.

If one’s custom is to get fully drunk, one does not have to take davening with a minyan into account, since according to many authorities this is not a full obligation but rather a hiddur. Also, one gets drunk before the time for Maariv comes, so that the obligation is not incumbent when one gets drunk.

See also here for a similar answer in Hebrew.

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  1. See Noheg Katzon Yosef page 203, as well as Elya Rabbah 2, Matei Moshe 1012, Chai Adom 155:30, Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 142:6, Mishnah Berurah 4, Biur Halacha “ad,” Kaf Hachaim 17. Refer to Toras Hamoadim Purim page 341:3.

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