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Court Procedure

When someone gets a heter to go to court, is that person limited in the types of witnesses he can call.

For example, under US law many witnesses can be called/deposed, and many documents can be subpoena. Is there a limit on the baal din (who got a heter to go to court) how to act in this regard.

Is the heter to go to court a blanket heter to act as the court does with witnesses?

I am trying to find sources on this issue, if perhaps it is discussed.


After the heter is given, there are no restrictions on questions of procedure. The heter is to take one’s plight to the court, and once there one can act as required in the court, without restriction.

The Shulchan Aruch (Choshen Mishpat 28:3) writes that one cannot testify on behalf of a non-Jew if the court extracts moneys based on a single witness, but this is not true of testifying on your behalf.

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