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Proper Time for Talis Katan

Dear Rabbi
I wanted to know the best way to make the bracha on a talis katan in the morning (I am no married and hence, I do not wear a talis gadol). I don’t make the bracha when getting dressed as I usually need to use the bathroom, so I therefore make the bracha after using the bathroom. I wanted to know, which method you recommend:

A) put tzitzit on while getting dressed and (against bare skin) and then make the bracha after using bathroom by touching them.
b) put on an undergarment, then put on tzitzit after the bathroom, making the bracha before putting them on, while holding them above your head?


The Mishna Brura in the begining of Siman 8 writes that ideally one should put on the Talis Katan immediately so as not to walk even daled amos without tzitzis. The bracha may be made after going to the bathroom as you mention. There is no problem of performing a mitzva when one needs to go to the bathroom, only the bracha is the issue [see Mishna Brura 92:10].

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